As an added benefit to Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover customers, complimentary Courtesy vehicles are available for all customers with few exclusions.

Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover makes every attempt to have a Courtesy vehicle available for each of our service clients when scheduling an appointment that cannot be completed within 2.0 hours from the start of the appointment. Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover cannot guarantee that the Courtesy vehicles provided will be an equivalent model of the vehicle being serviced. In the cases where a Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover Courtesy vehicle is not available we reserve the right to substitute an outside rental agency, a courtesy shuttle, or a Rideshare option at no cost to our customers.

For full details and to schedule your service appointment, please call our service concierges at (855) 607 4579.

Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover Service Courtesy Vehicle Policies

  • A valid driver's license, proof of insurance and valid credit card must be presented to be eligible for a loaner vehicle. A $250 hold will be placed on the credit card as a deposit.
  • Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover requires the Courtesy vehicle to be returned within twelve (12) business hours of notification that the vehicle being serviced is complete. If the vehicle is not returned within twelve business hours, the customer will be subjected to a $125/day late fee.
  • The customer will not exceed 100 miles per day while using the Courtesy vehicle, a fee of $.25 per miles will be assessed when the 100 miles per day is exceeded.
  • The customer will refrain from smoking, eating, drinking or placing pets in the vehicle. Customers will be subject to charges for any damages to the vehicle. A $150 cleaning fee will assessed if inspection finds evidence of smoking, eating, drinking or placing pets in the vehicle.
  • Damage to Courtesy vehicle, parking tickets, traffic citations, towing expenses, and toll fees that accrue during the time the loaner vehicle is in use, will be at the customer's expense.
  • Fuel level must be the same upon return as it was when loaner was provided. Fuel will be billed out ¼ tank increment equal to 5.5 gallons @ $5.00 per gallon
  • To ensure your vehicle and paperwork are ready upon arrival, please call our service concierge at (855) 607 4579 to notify of your expected arrival time.

Please understand that our Courtesy vehicle program is a dealer program offered by, and at the expense of, Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover. Tom Wood Jaguar Land Rover reserves the right to discontinue Courtesy vehicle privileges to those violating the policies and terms above. The Courtesy Vehicle Policy is subject to change without notice. ​