Nicholas Hoult Takes Jaguar "Smart Cone" Challenge

In the new film Collide, actor Nicholas Hoult finds himself spending a lot of time with a couple of esteemed Jaguar models, most notably the new Jaguar XF and Jaguar F-TYPE, but it isn't uncommon for actors and actresses to find themselves behind the wheels of awesome automobiles for some of the more memorable scenes in action films. 

Knowing that he would be doing stunt driving in this new film, Hoult hooked up with Jaguar to make the most of their "The Art of Performance Tour," specifically by getting behind the wheel of a Jaguar XF and taking it through the marque's "Smart Cone Challenge."

Essentially, the challenge features a ton of interactive cones that the driver has to locate and then drive through and around, all while computers are marking the vehicle's speed and accuracy, which can be turned into a score at the end of the trial.

"I've loved getting behind the wheel of the new Jaguar XF AWD R-Sport," said Hoult. "The Jaguar XF AWD R-Sport is great – it does a lot of the work for you. I was driving on a particularly challenging surface with lots of sand and dust but the car just gripped and performed. It was really fun to be able to compare driving the car here to some of my driving experiences when filming and hopefully I've done myself justice!"

This new Jaguar model really is a fun one to drive and we hope you'll come by our Jaguar dealership serving Indianapolis, IN soon to take it for a spin!

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